Cars Removed from Las Cruces Sink Hole

This post is shared from a KVIA report. Klein towing company removed two cars from the large sinkhole that opened up in the front yard of a Las Cruces house earlier this month.

Shortly after they removed the first vehicle, it began to rain and hail. It didn’t last long and neither did the removal process, from start to finish it took them about 2 hours. Lorelei Klein heavy-duty tow truck operator with Klein towing said they would have finished sooner if it didn’t rain.

Once the vehicles were on solid ground, everyone was surprised to see that the Buick was still drivable. Homeowner Becky Moore jokingly said it may just need a good detailing, then it will be ready to hit the road.

It was previously reported that the City of Las Cruces claimed it was not responsible for the damages caused by the sinkhole or for the cost of fixing the sinkhole because it happened entirely in the front yard of a privately owned home.

Moore’s auto insurance paid for a portion of the vehicle recovery. Moore says she hasn’t heard much from her homeowners insurance but an adjuster did inspect the inside of the house and the foundation.

The Moores had a very eventful week and a half. In addition to the sinkhole they had a golf competition and lost their family dog.

Moore’s daughter Carly Moore, a sophomore at Centennial High School competed in the New Mexico state golf competition. ABC 7 captured video of the Las Cruces fire department using a ladder to get her golf clubs from one of the vehicles that was in the sinkhole. Moore says Carly’s team placed fourth in the state. Moore says she’s proud of them because the team is made up of all sophomores and it’s not an easy course.

When the Moore family returned from the competition they learned that their family dog had got out from the home where they are staying. Someone located the dog and the Moores were able to retrieve her from the animal shelter. The Moores were reunited with their puppy the same day the vehicles were recovered.

They say good things come in groups of three, that seems to be true for the Moore family their vehicles are out of the sinkhole, they were reunited with their family dog and an excavating company from Silver City has volunteered to donate their equipment and time to fill the sinkhole for the Moores.

If you are interested in helping the Moores a Gofundme has been set up.

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